Thermoshield insulation coating is unique and effective because its construction contains a high volume of (ceramic) solids, rather than simply being an external white paint without any embedded thermal properties.

Thermoshield Ceramic BeadThermoshield coating is composed of millions of hollow, ceramic spheres that create ‘dead air’ space which is the fundamental key to insulation.

Thermoshield contains first class mould inhibitors, which in addition to the ceramic spheres results in long term performance. When a coating becomes tarnished or weathered, the once clean white paint is rendered ineffective. Thermoshield has an equivalent R-rating of 6.3, is fire rated and compliant with Section-J of the building code.

“It should be made clear this product is not just ‘white paint’. It has been rigorously tested by Melbourne University and CSIRO for performance and longevity.”

City of Boroondara

Thermoshield can be applied on a new roof or applied as part of our restoration system to ‘seal’ a building against corrosion, to waterproof and provide a thermal barrier.

All applications of Thermoshield will result in preventing major heat transfer in any environment.

Thermoshield Heat Barrier

The success of Thermoshield is due to its ability to counter ‘radiant heat’ transfer. Thermoshield coating will:

  • Reduce internal temperature by up to 45%
  • Reduce cooling costs by up to 40%
  • Reduce UV penetration by up to 96%
  • Reduce cooling equipment workload

Thermoshield ensures an investment in a Thermoshield ceramic coating is a long term one. Thermoshield offers a 10 Year Warranty* with any remedial work (if) required completed at the expense of Thermoshield Australia.  Your peace of mind and satisfaction is our priority.